Supporting the Resistance

I've spent the last few months growing increasingly concerned about Trump's agenda. In the first 100 days, the policy goals he has set for his team would severely harm the environment, threaten millions of jobs, and remove health coverage for 20 million Americans.

To avoid those risks, it's critical that we find a way to block, resist, or mitigate Trump's policy goals. With both the House and the Senate behind him, Trump won't face many of the traditional roadblocks that Presidents often contend with when trying to push policy through, so we must find ways to oppose his goals effectively as private citizens.

Today, I'm announcing a new project called Stop100 to do exactly this. 

Over the next few months, I'll be working with several donor advisors to identify non-profits that can most effectively oppose Trump's policy goals. We will monitor what Trump's team is working on and look for organizations that can effectively oppose his team's efforts.

When we find effective non-profits, we'll be sending donations to them. We'll also publish why that organization is important and any additional actions you can take to support them. By sharing our research and trying to measure our efficacy, we hope to be one of the better places to learn about effectively opposing Trump's presidency.

My donations alone won't be enough to make a difference, but I'm hoping that you will look at what we're doing and consider donating alongside us. You can pledge to make a weekly or monthly donation and we'll do the work to make sure your money is going to the most effective places.

If you're opposed to Trump's plan, please consider joining us: