The world's most important technology companies are started by founders with either a deep technical insight (something we all know is valuable, but seems impossible to do) or a novel sociological insight (something that many people have a latent, unknown desire for). I have invested in (and very occasionally advised) several early-stage technology companies in both categories.

When I'm lucky enough to work with one of these teams, my experience in marketing can help deep technology companies explain themselves and novel companies cope with hyper-growth. I also help, where possible, with recruiting, partnerships, M&A, and future financing. I don't want to glamorize it... I just pick up the phone when you call me and do whatever I can to help. Entrepreneurs do 99.999% of the work, but anyone who considers themselves a good investor should still fight alongside you when you need them to.

Some of my investments are disclosed below or on AngelList. Occasionally I have shared my investments via an AngelList syndicate, which allows accredited investors to invest alongside me. If you're interested in learning more, please visit my syndicate page.



  • Bespoke - Coming soon
  • Envoy - Elder care services 
  • Classpass - Federated access to top fitness classes (via Fitmob acquisition)
  • Hired - Job marketplace for technical talent
  • Konekt - Connected device developer platform
  • L. - Health products that empower women
  • LabDoor - Supplement testing and verification
  • LoungeBuddy - Airport lounge discovery
  • Lyft - Reinventing transportation
  • Patreon Sustainable funding platform for artists
  • ShopPad - Tablet commerce
  • SOMA - Eco-friendly water filtration
  • TheFamily - Support for international startups
  • Wink Health - Digital sleep clinic