Investing in change. 

I'm a big believer in the power of both for-profit and not-for-profit models of changing the world. My philanthropic philosophy is to split my giving between organizations where there is strong evidence of efficacy (Effective Altruism) and organizations where there is exceptionally large potential upside if the organization ultimately works out (Venture Philanthropy). 

In addition to financial grants and investments, I also volunteer my time with several organizations – the riskier venture philanthropy ones tend to get more value out of my time. 

I'm more efficacy driven than cause-driven, so my work supports a wide range of organizations. Here are a few:

rare cancer research

The Rare Cancer Research Foundation builds tools for researchers that want to focus on the hundreds of cancer indications that get systemically underfunded today. 

The Long now

The Long Now exists to "help humanity think on a long-term time scale" — I describe them as an organization that is equal parts science-fair and art project.

Outside assist

Outside Assist tackles issues around diversity and inclusion in technology by helping VC Funds and Companies ensure they are creating healthy and inclusive cultures.