Invent a better future. 

I serve as the Chairman of Institute for Effective Research and Development, a private family foundation focused on accelerating research and development to create a better future. We believe that new inventions will allow us to create a better future that is accessible by all people.

Our primary work is direct, through self-funded programs that focus on making it easier to invent and distribute things that can make the world a better place. We focus on increasing the investment in R&D — and the efficacy, safety, and accessibility of those programs and their inventions — in both the public and private sector.

Our current program focus areas are: Innovation Science, AI and Human Development, Leadership and Management, Safety & Ethics, Health, Energy Independence, and Accessibility.

In addition to our direct work, we offer financial support to a number of organizations. Our decisions on which organizations to support is driven by two core principles:

Effective altruism

A focus on strong evidence of efficacy and prudent allocation of support towards where it can do the most good for the largest number of people.

Venture philanthropy

A focus on efforts that could have exceptionally large potential impact, but that is too early, too risky, or too immeasurable to be funded by traditional funding sources.

Effective Altruism has been popularized by a number of individuals and organizations over the past few decades. While we feel indebted to them all for their efforts, we believe that GiveWell currently does the best job of highlighting the most cost-effective way to do the greatest good. We use their recommendations often to inform our gifts.

Venture Philanthropy still remains a fairly unpopular concept, though the Open Philanthropy Project has done a great deal of work to evangelize these concepts. We believe that venture philanthropy should be guided by informed and committed donors that are focused on furthering a specific cause or outcome over a long period of time (10+ years). Our focus areas are listed above, and we recommend that donors interested in venture philanthropy read Open Philanthropy’s guide on cause selection.

a few of the organizations that Effective research supports

rare cancer research

The Rare Cancer Research Foundation builds tools for researchers that want to focus on the hundreds of cancer indications that get systemically underfunded today. 

The Long now

The Long Now exists to "help humanity think on a long-term time scale" — as an organization that is equal parts science-fair and art project, they have created some incredible new ideas and technology. 


ZeroGap’s work creates greater gender parity in the workplace and other places of power. They encourage attitudes of equal ownership and personal responsibility in the fight for gender equality.