Two Things I Learned

There are a few types of 'standards' that have become common ways to share insights: The interview podcast. Tweetstorms. These work because they constrain the author enough to make them creative, yet also give them a formula to follow to avoid the block of staring at a blank slate. 

One of my favorite formats is "Two things I learned" — which was popularized by Patrick OShaughnessy, an investor from New York (also a popular tweeter, blogger, and podcaster). Every day, he posts two things he learned that day. It can be poignant, or brilliant, or random, or funny; but it has to be interesting.

The only annoying thing about Twitter is they often disappear into the ephemera. So, this page collects some of the better ones. To your right, there's a podcast and a Twitter search for "Two Things I Learned Today"(unmoderated). Below, some of my favorite two things I learned today writers and posts:

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