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Tyler Willis is the founder of Unsupervised, which established a new branch of artificial intelligence based on unsupervised machine learning techniques. This new form of AI solves the curse of dimensionality, and makes it possible to analyze data that was previously thought near-impossible to analyze. Unsupervised is used by a number of Fortune 500 companies to automatically derive important insights in their complex data.

Prior to founding Unsupervised, he served as the CMO of Hired.com, a career marketplace that has raised over $100 Million to help talented people find jobs they love. He previously served in marketing, partnerships, and M&A executive roles at several top performing startups. Additionally, he's an angel investor in technology companies like Lyft, Classpass, and Patreon. 

Tyler Willis is also the Chairman of Effective Research, a private family foundation that accelerates effective research and development, so that we can invent a better future. He serves on the Board of Directors for a few cause oriented companies and non-profits, including Acre Designs (energy-efficient housing), the Rare Cancer Research Foundation (cancer research), The Turing School of Software and Design (education and economic empowerment), and ZeroGap (gender and racial equality).


Willis started his career as one of the first employees at several successful startups. Helping both Unified and Involver achieve dominance in their industries. At Unified, a successful privately-held data management company, Willis was one of the first hires and served as Vice President of Business and Corporate Development. At Involver, the largest social marketing platform, Willis was the first business hire and served as Director of Marketing and Head of Brand Strategy. At Involver, he oversaw growth and marketing — leading the company to well over two million customers before being acquired by Oracle in 2012. During this time, Tyler also served as a growth advisor to BranchOut (which grew to over twenty-five million users before being acquired by Hearst).

Willis has co-founded two non-profits. The first, Nomadic Mentors, evens the playing field for international entrepreneurs and has worked with over 10,000 founders globally to date. The second, ZeroGap, aims to even the the gender and racial gaps in our society. 

As an angel investor, Willis backs technology companies with either deep technical achievement or a novel sociological insight. He has invested in seed-stage companies that have gone on to raise significant additional investment from Khosla Ventures, Index Ventures, Founders Fund, Kleiner Perkins and others. Select investments include Patreon (which will help creators in over $300M in 2018), Lyft (over $1B in revenue in 2017), and Classpass (over 20 million fitness classes booked).

Willis is an occasional author and public speaker. He has given well-received talks at companies and conferences across the world, including Microsoft, Oracle, MIT, South by Southwest, and the American Marketing Association. His presentations on innovation, entrepreneurship, and marketing, have been described as “very insightful and educational with an excellent ability to balance trends, techniques and strategies with concrete advice and real-life examples.”

Selected Press, Speaking Engagements and Awards:

Samples of Speaking Engagements

MIT Tech Conference (Boston, MA)

Seattle Interactive Conference (Seattle, WA)

South By Southwest
(Austin, TX)

Microsoft Webcamp (Mountain View, CA)

American Marketing Assoc. (Chicago, IL)


CIO Review
2018 Big Data Company of the Year

Facebook Studio 
Bronze Award

Stanford University, 
Certificate of Recognition

Society for New Community Research Award of Excellence

Best Integrated Marketing Campaign